Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Dad’s Day Weekend

The way to start off Father’s Day weekend is to have your dad come over and fix your washing machine that went on the fritz.  Friday night, that’s what we did. Only my dad had made plans with us but my mom had made plans with my brother and his family. Solution: everyone meet up at our house for dinner and washing machine fixing.
IMG_4446  Kids got in jammies and jumped and jumped and jumped. Only they had to jump on Bogie’s bed, which is about 8 inches off the ground. We don't need any more head injuries this month, or ever...
IMG_4468 IMG_4467IMG_4471
On Father’s Day we headed over to Papa and Grandma’s house. All of the cousins were there and the kids had a blast. There were water toys and more water toys.
4507b IMG_4505
My brother thought he was one of the kids and decided to show them how its done. He actually came outside wearing flippers and goggles which made all the kids scream hysterically.
There is just something magical about playing with your cousins. No pressure to get to know them. No pressure if they’ll like you. They just do. And when your 1, 2, 4, or almost 7 you play and play and play.
IMG_4546b IMG_4554b
Then my other brother thought he’d show the kids how things are done.
Can I say Tidal Wave?IMG_4559bIMG_4561

And everyone just sort of meandered around trying to stay out of the splash zone.
IMG_4539 IMG_4575  IMG_4564 IMG_4597
Mr. Dunbar was a little worn out already so he just supervised and relaxed.
IMG_4644  IMG_4621 IMG_4629
  IMG_4580  IMG_4641
And after almost 6 hours of playing this is how my boys ended up.
Bogie didn’t wake up until the this morning, he was just that wiped out.
So here’s to good father’s who will raise up another generation of honorable men.
~mrs. dunbar


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Looks like an amazing Father's Day!!!

Cathy said...

Okay, that last photo amazes me. You REALLY ought to do some freelance work, girl! I am serious -- you have a gift for capturing children in the most natural ways.

{How relieved I was to read further that the bed jumping was on a low bed. I about had a heart attack when I read the kids jumped and jumped on a bed!}

Genn said...

Looks like it was a fabulous day. Great pictures. What fun all those cousins get to have with each other. I love how you put it... they don't have to worry about being liked, or getting to know them... so true. I have 12 cousins. They're the best.

Sorry about your washing machine! Did they fix it?

jen@odbt said...

Love all the fun and smiles. What a great weekend except for the washing machine - hope it's fixed now. Looks like you need it with all the water fun you've been having.

Mrs. C... said...

What a shocker!!! Of course your dad is wearing his superman sun glasses or protective armor, however you want to see it. Glad you had fun, it is about time!

Martha said...

what a great weekend...looks like lots of love and smiles!!! Love your pictures as always!!!

Ali said...

Looks like a wet, action packed weekend! What a great Father's Day!!!

patty said...

looks like a wonderful day/weekend! hope the washer is fixed and everyone was a happy kinda tired by weekend's end!

On the Bright Side said...

That looks like a fabulous weekend! I agree with you. Something about the kids playing with their cousins is just magical. BTW, have I told you yet how much I love your blog header? Great photos!

Seizing My Day said...

So much fun!! There is No fear of water in those kidlings!! ;) my kids hate water in their faces... just now at age 8 & almost 10 .. just now... they are coming to grips with dunking under water... and letting 'some' splashing hit their faces!! =) *sigh* Such a blessing to have cousins that get along so well.. =) we have those too!

Nancy said...

Looks like a fabulous day, especially with them all tuckered out. That is the evidence right there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your last quote about raising honorable men. Love it!

sara said...

Oh, I love it, what a fun weekend! You gotta love those days when the kids play hard (followed by a good long nap!).