Monday, June 7, 2010


You can concentrate so hard on what you are working on…


or you can laugh a little gut laugh


But remember, just put one foot in front of the other and it will all get done.


Have a great day!

(and for memories’ sake: This little stinker gave me another scare this weekend, which landed him in Urgent Care and then a hop over to Emergency for a CT scan. Hooray for Pastor Andrew, who drove like a manly man – that’s the nice way of saying crazy madman; and got me there in like 3 minutes. Four hours, the CT scan and sixteen different vomit spots later the doctor let him go and told us to just keep a watch on him. )



jen@odbt said...

Just keep swimming...

What a scare. I'm glad to hear that he's doing better now.

Genn said...

Excellent pictures!

And I'm sorry you had such a scare with your little guy. I've never had to rush to the ER with either of my kids, but I imagine I would be quite a wreck if I did. Glad he's okay!!

Tawny said...

Ahhhh, those boys, just priceless!

I'm sorry to hear of your scare. No matter what the issue, when our babies are not 100% it is worse than when it is us that is not well. Praying for you little man!

Cute hair post! I had to re-read the previous post...I didn't know that Genn did your hair?!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh my word, those trips to the ER freak me out. So glad he's ok. Poor baby. Poor Mommy!!

I love little kid gut there anything more precious?

Just saw your comment come in..thanks so much for visiting and for the sweet and supportive feedback.


Seizing My Day said...

Love those pics! I am glad your little man is well enough to be home ... little blessings. I have been there many times... praying for you all!

Martha said...

I hope he is doing okay...what a scare...but I love, love what you wrote and those cute pics of them:)

jules said...

Love the giggling cute!

I hate those scary trips. Hope all is better today.

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Love your pics - I always love your pics!

And I am so glad everyone is ok. Those trips to the ER are scary, and it doesn't matter how many of them you have, they never get easier.

Amber said...

Sweet Bogie! Hope you guys are home and doing alright today!

Ethan's prayer for Bogie yesterday was:
"Dear Jesus, please help my cousin to get better and for his throw up to taste good."

Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! i hope that cutie is ok! i love the pictures and the post! hope you have a better day! xo

Nancy said...

What fun pictures. You do a great job capturing the moments. Speaking of moments... I am glad everything is ok. That sounds like a scare!

patty said...

i'm about to read the next post, so i'll comment on the er visit then! but those photos, girl! love the ones at floor level... and i think those belly laughs are contagous... just looking at photos of it made me smile! :)