Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doing cool things

With summer in full swing, I’ve been trying to keep the boys as busy as possible. Yesterday we painted feet to create our “art.” Really its just a jumbled mass of colors, but the boys love it. Absolutely love it. And I can’t help but feel a bit of a pitter patter happiness when I get to see them create something. When they look up with that conquered look that all children get when they radiate with a sense of mastery. When I was in the classroom those were my favorite memories~ sharing that special moment of mastering a concept with a student. Mastery in a child's eyes is one of the best things in life.
Now I have a bigger job set before me. Teaching these guys everything I know. Hoping that they enjoy life as much as I do. Wondering if they will have as many good memories of childhood summers as I do, even if I did throw a whole batch of baked cookies at my brothers or chase them around with utensils.
Summers were fun.
Summers are fun.
IMG_4298b We ran some errands this morning. What makes a two year old think that he can run all over the store all by himself? I now understand those monkey leash backpack thingys.
Man-o-man was I about to pull my hair out.  And then of course, when I was trying to throw things like toilet paper in the cart and do the whisper-yell to my hooligans I ran into people from church, who know us, but not well and don’t have any kids. And they smiled and I smiled. And we made small talk as they sipped their Starbucks and said they took the morning off to just be together and I thought “What a lovely thing to do. Wish we could do that.”  I of course said, "We needed staple items like TP," and they chuckled. As the couple was meandering off  they said, “Keep up the good work.” And I smiled some more because we go to a church of real people who understand that life is not perfect and two rowdy boys were having the time of their life running around Target.
So much so that right now they are sleeping. In the middle of the day. Both of them.
Thank you Lord.
And when they wake up we are putting on swim suits and heading off to swim lessons.
So here’s to a great summer of too many screaming kids in Target.
Paint brushes.
Swim lessons.
And of course, naps.
mrs. dunbar


Ali said...

Ohhhh paint on the feet, sounds like fun. Paint anywhere is pretty darn fun :o)

Make sure you keep posting all these fun activities all summer long so that I can steal 'em myself!! You've always been so creative- full of great ideas in the classroom and also those that entertain rambunctious, busy little boys.

I bet you were thrilled when they both took naps this afternoon after the Target episode. Why do little boys think they should run everywhere they go? It sounds like Bogie is doing much better :o)

I love all that you're constantly teaching your boys so many valuable things. You're such a good mama. There is so much wisdom and insight that they will gain from you.

jen@odbt said...

Great start to your summer! I love your attitude. Can't wait to start ours in 2 days.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Your boys are so sweet! I love the little feet, and what a great idea to incorporate art!!

Hope you have the best summer ever :)

Anonymous said...

too funny! been there done that! i am glad that you all are enjoying your summer! and i love those chubby little toes!

Seizing My Day said...

I love those kind of memories!! we painted the patio once... with washable paint (yeah right) and our noses... and toesies... just because we could! =) yay for summer! we still have a few days of school..... ugh!!! next week baby! bleach cleans patios with *washable* paint on them... just in case you try it! ;)

Genn said...

You are one fun Mom!

Thanks for sharing this idea. I might do that with my girls this weekend.

When I met you in "real life" one of the first things I noticed about you was how much you seem to love life. Such a wonderful quality to radiate. It spreads to those around you. Your boys are lucky.

Nancy said...

Hey lady... We head to Tanaka Farms for watermelon picking. Email me and we'll chat! xoxo Nancy

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

A "summer of too many screaming kids in Target?" OH MY WORD. That is hysterical. And true.

Sarah said...

Oh the joys of summer! Here in Vic, Australia we are heading into the heart of winter, and it's a cold one! What lovely little feet! xxx

Tawny said...

That is such a stinkin, darn, cute idea!!! Love it! And I totally agree about "mastery"!
Aren't those the days we run into people too? The days that we think, why did I do this alone again? I bet they had smiles on their faces when they left though!
So the classroom thing, I didn't even get PINK SLIPPED! And I am STILL leaving my school-stinks! Just because of changes, students, numbers...technical stuff, my school didn't need as many teachers. So I'm in limbo. Trying to be positive right now.
Swim, we go at 6:15. I was really worried about the time at first, it was the only one left, but now I actually LOVE it. I get to get dinner in the kids' tummies, then off to swim, then if it was a good lesson, Cherry on Top :) I do think I'm going to do it again the next session too! ARe both boys doing them? ARe then in a whole group or semi private?

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that last photo was so sweet! i'm going to have to try to do that project with my kiddos.

thanks for joining in the giveaway fun over at my blog. i hope your day is a happy one!