Friday, June 4, 2010

Quick Therapy

Getting my hair cut is always good “therapy.”
This gal gives the best head massage scrub ever.
IMG_3925 copyThen she gave me a lesson on bobby pinning my bangs. When you have another blogger cut your hair, they don’t think you’re a weirdo when you ask them to take the picture of the back of your head.
Good seeing you Genn. I feel very refreshed.
You know what else capped off this quick therapy?
Retail Therapy: a run to the mall afterward s, with no kids, no agenda, and no time limit.
I even thought about getting a Cinnabon, but its bathing suit season now. So I skipped out on that one, maybe next time. I actually tried on sunglasses, leisurely. Without screaming at the cute little blonde guy I always have in tow, "Stop touching everything."The guy at the sunglasses counter in Nordstrom told me I looked like I was having a good day. Little did he know I had been Mommy Dearest a few hours before but therapy was turning me back into a normal person.
What’s your therapy fix?
~mrs. dunbar


Nancy said...

Oh what fun... I want to join in on that hair/blog talk. Good times. Cinnabon, my heart just skipped a beat. Seriously. It did. xoxo Nancy

Genn said...

Cute post. You made me smile this morning. Getting my hair done ALWAYS puts a skip in my step. And cinnabon ohhhh my. Let's get one in the winter!

Did you get new sunglasses?

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay LOVE this!! And I perused my three favorite stores yesterday and didn't even spend money. I just got to be alone.... it's so nice to "not be touched" for an extended period of time. Not that I don't love my children hanging on me all. the. time.


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

The bangs trick is great, they look wonderful!
Oh my, to be at the mall...alone. And Cinnabon..yum.

Ali said...

Ahhhh, I LOVE the day I get my hair done. Although I have to admit, since becomming a mommy it happens less and less frequently. What a bummer! I think my experience is a bit different, because my two boys always come along. I think an "alone" hair appointment and trip to the mall or anywhere would be amazing!

Hey what was the bobby pinning lesson? Can you teach me?

jen@odbt said...

Going out to lunch is good therapy but getting hair down and a pedi would be good too :) Enjoy your weekend!

Cathy said...

Love these pics! I've thought about bringing my camera to my hair appt, but my gal isn't a blogger!!! So funny you showed us the bobby pin--my bangs are now long enough that i've been pinning them up and OUTTA MY EYES! -- did she just do a little flip under?

you look lovely...and my therapy is walking out of the hair salon--i love my stylist dearly but she is HIGH strung! lunch at nordstrom is grand, too {but, of course}

Katie said...

lol, i was confused at first and thought i was on genn's blog, too cute! she does indeed do good hair!
cute post

Seizing My Day said...

Fun post! I was just on Genn's blog! too funny!
I would love to have her do my hair ~ if only it weren't a couple days drive!! ha ha! I get to have a weekend with just "the dog" and me next weekend!! SO excited! I am planning a 'chick poker' evening ... and then maybe I will start reading my new book?!

Martha said...

love this post...I'm way overdue for my hair...and i think I would say that too because the head massage seals the deal with me:)