Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank You

img_4014b  (photo taken last week)
Thank you for all of your well wishes for Bogie. I truly appreciate all of the phone calls, visits, texts and emails. SO many people were praying for him and for us and we do appreciate it so very much.
I loved the texts and phone calls that said,
“Besides praying, what can we do?”
Truly a testament of Christ’s love.
One of our friends even offered to mow the lawn. I’ll take you up on that one next week Case! Ha.
Bogie is almost up and back to himself. The doctor said that his symptoms may last up to month. He’s getting up more often but then just crashes on the couch or floor face down. We are under the impression that he just has a really bad headache. And he’s decided that he doesn’t like Tylenol any longer, he just keeps spitting it out. Sometimes right into my face. Little guy is lucky I love him so much.
Have a wonderful weekend.