Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Weekend Recap and Holiday Thoughts

Blah blah blah. Ha. I just felt like typing that.

Where to begin?  My camera is acting up. For the past 3 days now I have contemplated each morning whether I should take it in each day or just wait until Monday after Thanksgiving, so far each day I’ve come up with Monday after Thanksgiving, but then the very next morning I’m still contemplating because that means no new pictures to show. UGh.

Also Mr. Dunbar lovingly “cleaned up” my computer this weekend. Only now, it won’t let me download photos from the camera to the computer, so I have no birthday party pictures to show you. Bummer.

The weekend recap is mostly about Monkey’s birthday party. It was fabulous. It was easy. It was at Chuck E. Cheese. Monkey has been talking about having his birthday there since June. His heart was set on it. His mind was made up. And so mommy and daddy delivered. I wish I could show you the look on his face when Chuck E. came out or when he got to go into the Ticket Blaster. (By far the coolest part of the party.) The food was less than desirable, but the kids ate it. Again, the party was a hit. Four of our friends have told us their kids want their parties there now too. (Ha, I should get a kick-back, like a refer a friend thing. I think I’ll take 5% of the total cost of the party.)

When I was a kid, McDonalds was the place to have your party. Do you remember that? Mr. Dunbar had a birthday party there once, I was not invited, I’ve only heard about it. But he loved it and he can tell us all about it and one day I hope Monkey will be able to share his special afternoon with his own family.

Holiday thoughts. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I just braved the market tonight… man, Thanksgiving shoppers are crazy. And then the bag boy loaded my bags to be like 40 pounds each. Seriously, a Prego should not have to have one bag with 2 large cans of yams, 4 cans of soup and a bottle of Cranberry juice, plus pecans and coconut to top it off. My arm almost fell off and then I started having contractions. So I just dumped all of the bags at the front door.

Tag team shopping is the best. I couldn’t find something for Monkey at my Target today, so I texted Casey to see if she could find it at hers. She said she’d look. Then I called her and asked her to look for gloves for me, since I knew she would be out and about. She called later and said she’d found them. Glorious! Saved me time and another trip out.

I’m not really feeling Christmas-y yet. Normally by now, I am ready for all things Christmas. Hopefully the feeling will come soon. Our neighbor across the street already has their Christmas lights up and on. (I noticed them as I was hauling the groceries in.) Wowzers.

But I am looking forward to some good times with friends. We had dinner together last night. It was fun, letting the kids run around and play, planning little outings for all of us to take this next month.  Living life together. Making memories is good stuff.

And a few pics…

Prayers for Monkey on his birthday at school. (Bogie chose his own outfit for the day and then made himself at home in the classroom.)IMG_7177

Can you find Bogie here? Yup, again, just made himself comfortable during Monkey’s “party.”IMG_7182

Anywhoo, have a great prep-day. Day before Thanksgiving.

Who’s hosting? You or a relative?

~mrs. dunbar


Lori said...

glad he had a great birthday party(s). Hope you have a great holiday! Oh and the other day the bagger packed a gallon of milk, a gallon of apple juice and 2 cartons of orange juice in one of my re-useable bags... talk about heavy!

jen@odbt said...

I need to get on the texting bandwagon...what a great tool for xmas shopping! CEC is great for parties - the kids have a blast and no clean up. I'm hosting - both sets of grandparents, sibling, cousins, aunt - it's going to be fun especially since we're frying a turkey for the first time...wish us luck. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Genn said...

Glad your Monkey had such a great party. I despise Chuck E Cheese, but I guess I don't get a say so if that is where Hannah wants her next party!

Cute pics of Bogie at pre school with his older brother too.

And to answer your Q about my VS hoodies... you can NEVER have enough of those!

Martha said...

Happy thankgiving
sounds like his party was a huge hit!
how fun and I hope your camera makes it to take some photos

Kristi said...

Bummer about your camera! I know how you feel, I broke my lens a few months ago and just got around to buying a new one. It was very hard to take pictures with my zoom!

Glad the party was a success! I know Chuck E Cheese would not be my first choice, but do we even have a say in the matter when it's our kids? Gotta love it!

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

Megan said...

Sad for your sick camera. Hopefully it is an easy fix. I know how you feel about running around to all these crazy stores - it's exhausting and I'm not preggers! Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings - complete with a full tummy, lots of laughs and a cup that runs over in thankfuls!

Megan said...

And I agree with the baggers who don't know what they're doing - nothing makes me madder!