Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And so, it’s a New Year

Howdy! Can you believe it’s a New Year? I can’t, not really. Us Dunbar’s rang in the new year (and the weekend before it) from the depths of colds and sickness. It was no fun. I told the Mister that this quite possibly was the worst New Years in the history of EVER. I’m still a little bitter, but I’m getting over it… very slowly. And I’m pretty happy that we are on the mend. Hallelujah for that.


My plan this year is not to ignore this little blog as much as I did towards the end of last year. 2012 was just an off year a bit. But who wants to dwell on the past, not me.


We’re looking forward to 2013. Every year I look forward to the change, this year especially. I don’t really want my babies to get any bigger, I wish I could bottle them up and keep them just the way they are. We all know that just isn’t so, so I am looking forward to their growth this upcoming year.


I’ve got a few things on the brain for this upcoming year. First off, New Years Resolutions. I like goals better so here we go.

Goal 1: Health, exercise mind and body. I normally exercise pretty regularly so Id like to try to incorporate something for my mind as well.

Goal 2: Food, meal plan a little more wisely. We’ve been on such a strict diet for the past two months that I’m really looking forward to briging back some more range to our food.

Goal 3: Love, date Mr. D more often. We have totally taken a backseat to this stage of life and I really don’t like that. In 20 years, he’s the one that will still be stuck with me.

Goal 4: Creative, I need to get my creative juices flowing in lots of areas.

Goal 5: Helpful, I’d like to be more helpful to others. I do so much for my four men, that I often forget there is a bigger world around me that could use my help in some way.


Did you make goals or resolutions?


{cindy} said...

hi there!
happy new year!:)
i love every single one of your goals...i may just have to borrow a few!
have a happy day

Cathy said...

Happy New Year :) Similar resolutions. They all look so simple when I write them out so why I feel overwhelmed, I don't know!! I keep wondering about my blog, too (picking it back up) but I don't really have anything original to say! One goal is to stay out of stores! Oh, Nordstrom, TJ, I love thee :) xoxo