Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So I was tagged on another Social Network to come up with 25 random things about myself.

Here goes...

1. I was born in an Air Force Base Hospital.

2. I talk really fast and always have. One of the jokes in jr. high and high school was that I should be on a Microcar commercial.

3. I went to the State Science Fair in the 8th grade. Sounds geeky, I know, but it was loads of fun. I was also in ASB, drill team, and on the speech team.

4. I worked at a bank in college. The bank was in a "take-over", I had to put my hands up, then I had a gun put to my head and was kicked by the bank robber. I quit after that.

5. Sorority was one of the best things I did in college. I am a Gamma Phi Beta.

6. I met my husband at a fraternity event at the river... 4 days, 40 kegs of beer... Yeah, don't really know how we're going to relay the story to the lil ones.

7. After college I backpacked through Europe for 2.5 months. Visited 11 countries. Italy and Greece were my favorites. I lost my camera at the Vatican, I always say that the pope stole my camera. Bad joke, I know.

8. I have a Master's Degree in Teaching and a credential. I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades. Second is my favorite followed by 4th.

9. I am the typical Type A- everything has a place and that's where it should be. I'll get up really in the morning to do some of my chores if something is really messy.

10. I planned my wedding in 3 months. The only thing I would change about it would be the photographer. My pictures suck. Oh, and I miscounted the number of bouquets to get for my bridesmaids, I was one short. My Maid of Honor's bouquet was put together from flowers out of the center pieces, it came out really well.

11. I don't mind doing laundry, it's the chore that least bothers me. The chore that most bothers me is cleaning the bathroom. Too many chemicals.

12. I have a pair of scissors in almost every room of my house.

13. I keep a notepad by my bed so if I think of anything in the middle of the night I can write it down and not forget about it the next day. Otherwise I can't sleep.

14. My house was built in 1947. I chose white tile when we moved in. Never again will I choose white tile with light grout, EVER!! In most of my house I have beautiful wood floors. Oh, and one side note, we do NOT have a dishwasher. These fingers that are typing this here blog post also do all the dish washing in this house.

15. I LOVE to go to Dodger games with my husband. He watches the game and I eat a Dodger dog and garlic fries followed by an icecream cookie. Don't get me wrong, I pay attention to the game, only most of the time I forget my glasses. So I can't see a thing on the field.

16. Africa is on my heart. What does this mean? I don't know yet.

17. I don't like to text unless its really late at night or really early in the morning. If someone needs to get a hold of me they should call me.

18. I'm a relational person. Quality time is one of my love languages. (As well as gifts.)

19. Blogging is my number one time waster.

20. I am keeping a list of things I want to accomplish at certain points in my life. Characteristics of people I like are always journaled there.

21. My favorite TV show right now is the Big Bang Theory. I laugh every Monday night.

22. Target can suck all of my money out of my bank account. So to curb this, I always go in with a list, always. And I only go once a week, mostly Mondays. Other money suckers: Nordstrom and Home Depot.

23. I don't like to have real plants in the house. Somehow they all die. I just don't know why. And I tried to keep an indoor herb garden in my kitchen, all of a sudden black gnat things were flying around my head. I threw it away immediately.

24. Mr. Dunbar and I having a standing date to be in Belgium for my 50th birthday.

25. God is molding me daily. I understand who I want to be and it is a long hard road.

And 26 is a bonus: I like to wear big sunglasses and most pictures of me are taken by yours truly, otherwise there would be NO pictures of the mom in this here Dunbar Fam.


Lisa said...

Very interesting. I'm with you on the laundry. I'm happy to do it, and not sure what everyone complains about.

So jealous of your Europe tour, except for the camping thing.

jen@odbt said...

Loved learning more about you. I'm with you on 22 but have yet to stick to the list at Target. I just did it with Costco the other weekend and was proud of myself.

Heather of the EO said...

I read every one and I loved them. So much fun to learn more about you.

Anonymous said...

You are right! We are A LOT alike!
#9- I am sooo Type A, obsessively organized
#13- Uggh! That is so me- I can't go back to sleep unless I write it down. It drives me nuts, but I do get some of my best ideas in the middle of the night
#19- Blogging and Facebook ate defintely my #1 time wasters!
#22- Target is my absolute downfall. Like you, I am really trying to keep to a list when I shop. Some trips are better than others.

Fun running into you today at the park! I am really looking forward to hanging out. I forgot my hubby has Monday off (Lincoln's b-day) so I think we will have to plan for Friday, if that works for you. Let me know & I will get you my address.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Love the photo--you look like a celebrity :)

Shannon said...

Good list! I love reading these. I can't believe you were robbed with a gun to your head! I would have quit too!

Anna Cecilia said...

I was just telling my husband today how much I hate doing the laundry! It's my least favorite chore. But I love doing the dishes!

And before I die, I really, really, really want to go backpacking in Europe. Really bad. Really.

Carrie said...

You need to post this on Facebook...where you can also read MY 25 things! I don't remember that regarding the bouquets! You handled it well...being that I don't remember it! LOVE YOU! xoxo ME

PS. Oh wait!!! I DO remember that!!!

Katie said...

That was so much fun reading about you! I spend a lot of time (read: money) at Home Depot! I don't know why that seems odd to me, because I never really thought of myself as the type that would...but it's reality. In fact, that was the first place I took Amelia when we ventured out of the house after she was born. Okay, the whole gun/bank incident...that's downright scary! As in, really scary. I'm glad you left the bank. My other random thoughts on this post... I don't mind laundry, I have a dishwasher (but it doesn't work well at all!), my heart aches to go to Africa (I don't know why) but I wish I would have done so on a mission or something before I had kids...maybe one day.