Monday, February 16, 2009

Order when you're ready

So, we were in the drive-thru at Carl's Jr. the other night. One of Monkey's Valentine's gifts was a $5 gift card to Carl's. Who does that? Each kid got one.

Anyhow this is how it went...
Kid employee: " Order when ready..."
Mr. Dunbar: "Yes, can I have a kids meal..."
From the backseat... "With NO cheese!"
Mr. Dunbar: "With no cheese"
From the backseat: "And NO salad!"
Mr. Dunbar: "That's a regular hamburger with no lettuce."
From the backseat: "And NO broccoli!"
Mr. Dunbar: "And no broccoli."
Kid Employee: "HUH?"
Mr. Dunbar: "Nevermind, that's a regular hamburger, right?..."
The kid acts as if he is allergic to cheese and broccoli. I hope this is just a phase.

(National Geographic- Google)

We also got Monkey animal picture cards with facts on the back... flashcards of a sort. He decided to tell us the facts:

Monkey, diligently 'reading' the back of the flashcard: "Elephant. You can not put an elephant in the car. They are not nice, and they are dangerous. Did you get that, Mommy?"
"Of course I did Monkey. You are so smart."
Did you know those facts?


Anonymous said...

I love it! "You cannot put an elephant in the car." That is too funny!

How are your kiddos feeling? Better, I hope!

Eryn said...

This post made me laugh. Cute kids! :]

Heather of the EO said...

I've been debating on whether or not we should put our elephant in the car. Now I'm for SURE not going to do it. Phew!

jen@odbt said...

You should post these lessons over at Musings of a Housewife's weekly carnival. Good stuff.

Has Monkey ever had gooey melted cheese on top of his broccoli? I bet he'd love it.

Mrs. C... said...

Don't worry about the broccoli, Missy is alergic to, in her thinking. AS for the elephant, ours are nice, but they still don't fit in the car!

Anonymous said...

He is too cute!!!

The Buntens said...

I have to agree that broccoli and salad are much better on the side of a great cheeseburger!

So funny!!!! They are just awesome - kids.