Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Dear Valentine,

You know one thing I just noticed? If you look over there to the left, you know the small profile pic of Mr. Dunbar and I. The one where he looks intent on kissing me? And I look intent on smiling for the camera. Yeah that one. Well, if you look closely enough you will see a black strap over Mr. Dunbar's shoulder, the black strap to the diaper bag. Manly, isn't he? He really is and he is the best darn dad and husband a family could ask for. You see, I am married to a man that carries the diaper bag around the Mission Inn while we are having a full-on photo shoot (that I haven't yet paid for- because I suck). He sees what has to be done and he does it. That's just the kind of husband he is. He is the dad that says "Boys, it's been raining all day and you've been cooped up in the house and your mom is going to lose it, so lets go outside." He is the husband that comes home every single day with a smile on his face. Every. Single Day.
He is the guy that says if I don't get the big raise that I am entitled to I'll get a second job so we can keep the lifestyle that our kids are accustomed to (and in order to pay the bills and keep my wife home.) He is the guy that gets up at 4:45AM to go to the gym to stay healthy and sexy for me, his-sleeping-in-my-cozy-bed-till-6am-wife. He is the guy that insists on ironing our clothes on Saturday night for church on Sunday morning, because he knows I will be running around like a crazy lady if we are not all primped and primed for church. He is also the same man that puts his hand on my knee to pray at church, no matter what happened in the car on the way there. (You know an argument is inevitable on the way to church.) He reads his Bible daily. He leads our boys the way a father is supposed to. He makes us laugh. He lets Bogie and I yell.
He is my love, my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my Valentine.

I love you, Mr. Dunbar.


jen@odbt said...

Beautiful post. What a great husband. He's lucky to have you too.

Carrie said...

Scott is a great guy...you just described virtually everything I want and have yet to find! You are so lucky and are extremely blessed! Not only is Scott all those things but he likes Pink Floyd and Dave Matthews and shares all this bootlegs with me. :)
Love you!! xoxo, ME

Mrs. C... said...

Awe!!! How sweet!!! You and your hubby are really cute!! Must be that small group you were in to teach you how to love on one another!