Wednesday, February 18, 2009


California sucks!!

Mr. Dunbar ~ we are moving ASAP. I just made an executive decision.

58,000 inmates may be release back into society here in our Sunshine State.
Let me repeat 58,000!

The reason? Some judges say the prisons are too overcrowded. I'm sorry since when do inmates get a right to square footage over, I don't know, 12 cubic feet?

Check out this very short video clip. About a minute or so. I couldn't dump it directly into this post.

Did you watch it? Are you outraged too? Unbelievable. So let me reiterate they are going to release up to 58,000 prisoners without jeopardizing my safety or those of my kids? Please tell me how that is possible? All those stinkin inmates were just at the wrong place at the wrong time right? They are just innocent people? I don't think so.

My favorite part? The inmate who said "When I was in here in 1990 and I had a toothache I got it fixed right away. I've been waiting 2 years to have my knee fixed."

Are you freakin joking?!?!?!?!

When I have a toothache, according to the insurance that WE PAY for it costs like $300. Why the heck am I, are we, paying for his toothache? Do you know how much knee surgery costs? The taxpayers, in a bankrupt state are responsible for his knee? No, no, no, no!!!

Where has the common sense gone people??? Where? What state? Please do tell me. The Dunbar's just may be your new neighbors. Oh, and don't even get me started on the 8.6 BILLION dollars they want to cut from education. EIGHT BILLION!!!! From innocent children. Then we wonder why we have so many prisoners. Again, common sense people.

So, how do you like your state?


jen@odbt said...

For real? That is insane but I heard on the news last night that a man purposely vandalized a police car, in front of the officers so he could get arrested and put in jail. He was tired of being on the street. Is this what society is coming to?

Anonymous said...

Well, if it makes you feel better...statistics say that they will end up gong back to jail. :) I love you passion girl!

Anonymous said...

Outraged is an appropriate title for your post today. SIGH. Looks like you've got some new motivation to hit the trail. I'll hike with you in spirit, friend. [I, too, usually make it a block before I start chasing butterflies!]

Keep the faith, and remember a spirit of fear is not from God -- He gives us a spirit of love and power (and self-discipline to go hiking!) (2 Timothy 1:7)

The Buntens said...

Wow - that is crazy. Just crazy.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

Anna Cecilia said...

At least once a month I ask Paul if we can move. He always says no. Maybe this will convince him!

Mrs. C... said...

So, I was a bit confussed on how you really feel???!!! Just joking...seriously, we should run the state! AND reread Cathy's comment ~ man is she wise!

Lori said...

Sigh. So sorry. Though WA state might not be any better. My city is practically the meth capital of the country and we've got some crazy policies too. Like the dishwasher detergant ban that makes me drive to ID to get the good, phosphate heavy stuff. Still, that doesn't compare to freeing convits... who are these politicians??? And have they been smoking something that is plentiful here in WA? ;)

Lisa said...

Yeah, common sense. People need the Lord!