Friday, February 6, 2009

The Perfect Donut

The perfect donut is from Donut City around the block from our house. All of the big companies in town order their donuts from Donut City and any time I went to a meeting, when I was working, the donuts came from this place. But we have never actually been to the donut shop. Monkey has been asking for months to go there. So this morning Mr. Dunbar took him. Mr. Dunbar never carries cash, but they only take cash at the counter. Good thing I always keep change in my car. My two courageous men came back with 2 donuts. One for me, one for Monkey.
They were in a little bag.
Monkey carried them in.
Can you tell whose donut was on the top?
It was still dee-lish!!


jen@odbt said...

I bet it still tasted good. I found out that one (only one) glazed donut is a better choice than a multi-grain bagel with cream cheese. Who would have thought?

The Buntens said...

Oh, we had some of these this weekend - soooo good.