Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beach

This week is all about the boys and getting the last taste of summer.
Every day we are doing something fun and memorable.

So as the countdown to the end of summer nears, of course we had to go to the beach. And what's better than going to the beach when your friends have their trailer there with a clean potty, shower, microwave, fridge and beds?

This was Bogie's first taste of salty sea water. (Please don't remind me what else is in there.) I could not keep him out of the water for more than two minutes to eat something. Here he's got seaweed on the face and he's still running in.
Crazy water bugs.Two minute snack.

Group shot towards the end of the day, they still put board shorts back on and got back into the water even after this picture was taken.

I told our friends, next year my boys would just be staying the entire week with them.


jen@odbt said...

The rappers turned surfer boys. Hopefully Bogie didn't try the sand after the ocean.

The Flying Bee said...

My boys have been in two weeks already! We had one last beach vacay in Destin, FL right before school started. My boys LOVE the beach and the pool!

BTW, thanks for asking about the table. I painted it a pale grey called naturalist grey by Fresh Aire. We didn't seal it, but wondering if I should have.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


The Salinas Family said...

You guys are always welcome! Next time bring your hubby and a tent....even if us girls stay in the trailer! :0)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl... I'm such a dork. I have to tell you this story.

When I first read your blog not so long ago, I read it say, "Lady Dunbar, Living Internationally." I wondered.."Hmmm, wonder where exactly Lady Dunbar lives? France? London? Where?"

Took another look at it today, and realized that you're not living Internationally, you're living Intentionally.

I laughed... What a ding dong I am.

Mrs. C... said...

Glad you are not living internationally, unless I was too. HMMMMMM...... Anyway, we haven't been to the beach since the beginning of summer, how horrible am I? That is on my list of things to do, because we still have 2 glorious weeks of summer before school.