Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Notice the BIG difference

Check out the new alarm clock on Mr. Dunbar's nightstand.

Here's a picture of mine, just for comparison.

And Mr. Dunbar's one more time. Notice anything? (about the numbers.)

So far its been named Big Ben.
Last night he said, "Hey kids look, it's the Helen Keller Special." (Please don't think ill of him. Mr. Dunbar really is funny.)

Two nights ago he said it probably competes with the Great Wall of China, as one of the Seven Wonders seen from outer space. The austronauts could see what time it was.

The first night, he said it was glowing in our room, and then he turned it away from his vision, only to point it straight at his mirrored closet door. I thought he was going to get up and get his sunglasses.
We were laughing so hard.
You know those gut laughs where your stomach hurts.

If there is one thing I am learning about this marriage thing, it's that you have to learn to laugh. Even if all of your nice efforts to replace his taped together alarm clock receive a snide remark each and every time your head its the pillow.
UPDATED: Tonights comment "Alex Trebek reads "Things we can see from outerspace."


Lori said...

We have a similarly large alarm clock, and while it looks funny it certainly is functional! :)

jen@odbt said...

LOL - that clock needs its own zip code. I actually noticed the time difference and how his clock is ahead. I like to set my clock 5 minutes fast too - for some reason it gives me a sense of control. Drives my husband crazy.

Rachel said...

How funny! I love it when me and my husband have those moments.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny :)

Mrs. C... said...

Wait, I can see it from here!!! That is POWERFUL!!! What I love about your alarm clock, is that it is the exact same one that sits on MY nightstand. Great minds think alike.

Cathy said...

I have the same alarm clock as Mr. D! I'm pointing mine west right now...can you see it?

patty said...

funny! my husband bought me an alarm clock for xmas one year, which might make some people mad, but really, it was a very thoughtful gift.. i'd been complaining about hte old one. mine shines bright, too.put a small towel over it! :) even a washcloth.
and i get my out-of-control giggles at night in bed, too. so fun!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

LOL! I can so relate! My husband wears glasses and he wanted a clock he could see without having to search for his glasses in the middle of the night - so we have one too!