Monday, August 10, 2009

Movin on up, to the east side...

Yesterday morning at church, our Pastor announced that after eleven years our church body is now formally in the process of purchasing a building. We have rented other churches, and for the past 7 and 1/2 years we have been meeting in the gym of the local Christian college. In Pastor Matt's words, "They were the only building in the city that would rent to us back then. The only building."
I still can not believe its true. Sandals Church is going to have a place to call home.

Now granted, I know that the building is not the church. If you have ever been to Sandals you know that, we have been the largest church in our city without a building for the past 5 or 6 years. But it is so amazing to think that my boys will have a real classroom to go to, new families will be able to meet in a lobby and not in a tent city that always is subject to the weather gods, our engaged couples won't have to open up the phone book and start calling outside churches to rent for their wedding like Mr. Dunbar and I had to do.

Much has to be done still, we have to be approved for 13 acres right next to the building for the parking lot. (Pastor Matt encouraged us to email our councilman. I've included some links below if you are a local resident. )
Mayer Ron Loveridge:
Rusty Bailey Ward 3:
Don't know who your Councilman is find out here.

After the service we drove down to the site. It's a huge shell. We prayed as a family over this site and thanked God for his provision. As were were driving around the building Mr. Dunbar was explaining to Monkey that we were heading to the new Sandals Church, because this is something we've been praying for and God had now answered our prayers.
Monkey's response: "Is this heaven?"
Not quite Monkey, only a glimpse.

150 Palmyrita
Riverside, California


Mrs. C... said...

Not only are we movin' on up to the East side, but to a DELUXE building!!! It is going to be so amazing when it happens. Now we just need to be obedient. Funny how we blogged the same thing. I love our church, for it brought me a friend like you.

Cathy said...

Wow! Your new church home looks amazing. No more wandering in the desert :)

The Flying Bee said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I am still trying to figure out so many things about blogging, but I am loving every minute of it!

I love the picture of the new building! I know the feeling about praying and believing for a church home. Our church is in the process of building right now. It should be finished at the end of the year and we are all so excited!

Thanks again for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Irene! I am so excited about the new church. I want to drive by and check it out, too.

How has your summer been? Will you have some time on your hands soon? Our schedule seems to be freeing up. Let's finally set up that playdate!