Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My mother-in-love always says that she has the most horrible pictures of her sons while they were growing up because they would put this fake "cheese" smile on for all pictures, when she could even get them to do that. And wouldn't you know it?
These Dunbar boys are doing the same thing!
Bogie would squint for every picture (he inherited that from his dad.) Monkey just wanted to show me teeth.
Got any tricks for getting good pictures of boys?


jen@odbt said...

You just have to be quick and take a ton - that's what is so nice about digital cameras. You can delete the ones you don't care for, although some of the silly pics end up being my favorites.

I get goofy faces from my kids too - it may also be the age. I remember my daughter doing the head tilt and fake smile when she was 3.

Anonymous said...

Tic-tacs! You shake them and they make a fun noise and it's candy too!

It worked for us this summer when we were doing family pictures on the beach!

Cathy said...

We just took a huge family picture on Sunday for my in-laws' Christmas present. "Cheese and Fuzzy Pickle" did nothing but increase the fakery shenanigans. The trick (esp. for boys)?
Potty humor. Gross, base, kid-friendly potty humor. But we won't tell the grandparents why the kids' smiles are so wonderful :)