Friday, August 21, 2009

Raspberry Picking

We went raspberry picking this week also.
The boys ate just as much as they dropped in the basket.

I repeated "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt."
over and over again when I saw what was happening.


The Salinas Family said...

Cute shirts! That is such a great picture of matthew.

Tawny said...

So fun! Great pictures! I love the dirty hands!

Anonymous said...

We had so much fun. Great photos! I am gonna have to get one of those nice cameras like yours. Of course, I am pretty hard on cameras, so I would probably just break it. If you got any good shots of my boys, please e-mail them to me.

Mrs. C... said...

So jealous that you got to go picking. One fall, my SIL talked me into picking blackberries and then making jam. It was one of the funniest afternoons! I felt a little Laura Ingalls, which made it even better. Our ammune systems like dirt! Too much cleanliness, and we loose perspective ;) So glad you had a great time.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Mmm. we just did tons of blackberries. Many similar photos too... and lots of dirty fingers eating many berries!!