Thursday, February 3, 2011

32 days is enough

oh my, january was a marathon month for me. on the 1st i went into complete nesting mode and everything in the house erupted. my S-I-L, was encouraging me that you’ve always got to make a bigger mess to clean things up and out. well, messes i made. boy howdy, there were plenty of days you couldn't even walk through the living room. but i think that is all behind me now.

and for my sense of well being, here is a bit of what was accomplished:

every clothing drawer in the house is organized

90% of every other type of drawer cleaned out and organized

closets re-arranged, cleaned out, and shuffled (do you know how much stuff is in your closet?)  here is about 1/5 of the stuff i got rid of; 8 bags full waiting for the goodwill truck.Jan 265

bogie’s clothes and toys moved into the bunk room

large nursery items washed and arranged in nurseryJan 244

all new needed baby items bought and washed or sanitized

washed all baby clothes and blankets and stuff

bunk beds put up (thanks to the parents)

bedding of every kind washed and stored or put on beds (everyone got new bedding… pictures forthcoming)

walls, windows, ceiling fans, baseboards and oven cleaned (thanks to mom, she sent her cleaning lady here. Can i get Amen for that blessing?)

painted picture frames and small side table

rearranged furniture

cover for glider sewn

And there were so many other things done as well, but you get the idea. and after all of that you’d think my house would be sparkling clean, right? well, I do have 3 men that live here and could really care less about most of it as long as they can find their underwear or shoes or toys. so today i have to clean floors and the bathroom. (joyfully, of course.)


we also had some very exciting purchases this past month.

like a new A/C and heater.

old heater: yucky and broken. that thing is probably as old as mr. dunbar.  Jan 304

bye bye old heater!!!

Jan 318 Jan 324

HELLO, new one!

Jan 333 Jan 336 

Thanks Grandpa Jerry!!!

Jan 339

And a new car.

Bogie, just bolted right past me when he saw the car he was so stoked. Monkey’s face when he saw it was great.

But have I taken a picture of the car?

Not yet, sorry Pregnancy Brain is working on overdrive over here.

We got the Honda Pilot.

Jan 2258

And also dentist visits are complete. With no problems, I am happy to report.

Jan 2211 Jan 2217

so 32 days of list making, cleaning, washing, organizing, and more list making was enough to send anyone over the edge. i was a bear. literally. and i didn’t sleep much because i was trying to get it all done. a few more projects are in the works, just the polishing up things and then hopefully pictures can be taken.

i’m hoping to get back to normal blogging soon, and not have to do these catch-up posts.

missed you all in blogland.

~mrs. dunbar


Genn said...

Hi Mrs Dunbar!
You have been on busy lady.
Nesting. Gotta love it. I bet it feels good to have gotten all that done!

PS- We'd love to play soon. :)

Genn said...

woops, meant ONE busy lady.

Darn keyboard.

Lori said...

sounds like you've been very productive. bet it feels great to be done with those lists

Jensamom23 said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! You should feel very proud of yourself!

jen@odbt said...

We've missed you too! You are one busy momma.

Mrs. C... said...

Let me give you a Woot Woot and an AMEN!!!! Love the Mama's cleaning lady, love the nesting and feeling organized, most of all, Love you!

It's Grace said...

Goodness, this makes me tired just reading the list of all you've done!! You have been very productive, girl! I bet you're getting so excited!!

Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words and for praying this morning. You made my day :) I know you're just a little bit busy right now, but if you'd like to link up with us on a Thursday, I'd love to have you join us.


Amber said...

Soooo, do you have to be 10 months prego to have the cleaning lady come over? Cause I can sure use her right now. :)

Nesting is wonderful! I am sure all your projects are great!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

first of all...
you look BEAUTIFUL!
i mean really... could you be any prettier? no! so pretty!

and...... as cliché as i know it is... you ARE glowing... or better yet...
shining! brightly!
you can SEE your joy!

that nesting spunk is certainly strong in you right now!
you are busy as all get out!

rest too mama!
take care of you!

big hugs & blessings from wyoming!