Thursday, October 23, 2008

Books for the season

I love children's books. I love the creativity and the naivety of them. I love their illustrations. So, in honor of the election and all that is happening in the media, I thought I'd share what books the Dunbar's are reading.

Hilarious. I think more so for me, than the lil ones. What a rich vocabulary this book contains. Words such as election, governor, campaign trail, Secret Service... the list goes on. It also has a couple of big people jokes, too. Like the Duck playing the saxophone.

By far my favorite this month. A student gives reasons why his teacher should be President. /For example she likes white houses and she is used to being followed everywhere. There is also a sort of where's waldo aspect as we try to find all of the Secret Service Agents. (You can get this one for the bargain price of $6.99. So worth it!)

Moms get ready to sing the lyrics to this song. The photos are worth talking about with your kids, it shows America from sea to shining sea. (Okay, apparently my version is a little old, but still a beautiful song.) Truly worth teaching your kids.

The vocabulary in this book is atleast a fourth grade level, but still worth reading to your children for the exposure and expansion to their lexicon. Also, it has prevalent historical facts under the poem, a great refresher for your US History knowledge.
Okay, so go get your kids some books. If buying them is out of the question this month, there is always your local library or school library. Have fun. And remember just how important it is to read to your kids daily.


Amber said...

I love this idea... You should post weekly book selections!

Lisa said...

That's great...we try to walk to the library once a week and we read lots! Thanks for sharing ideas.

Also, I tried to leave a comment yesterday...your baby looks SO squeezable!