Saturday, October 11, 2008

Love- How do you receive it?

One of the things that Mr. Dunbar and I are totally committed to is our marriage. We have been a couple for 8 years now and married for almost 5. (Three weeks until the big anniversary.) Anyhow, when we first started dating I would buy him all sorts of things. Shirts, flip flops, t-shirts, and any other gadget I thought he needed or would like. Each time they were greeted with a smile, a small "Thanks", and then gently tossed aside. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Mr. Dunbar on the other hand was always telling me how pretty I was or how I could do this or that. He constantly had something nice to say. "What I nice guy," I thought. But still, I couldn't wait for him to buy me something. (I know you're thinking I wanted a ring and yes, I would eventually, but at this point in our relationship I would have settled for a gift card or even a CD!) You see, we were missing each others love language. I was doing for him what I thought would show him I loved him and he was doing for me what he thought would show me love. About a year into dating we found out about the five love languages and the lights went on.

I am a total gifts person. Along with quality time and touch. Followed by acts of service and then words of affirmation.

Mr. Dunbar is a words of affirmation person and acts of service person. Followed by touch, quality time, and then pulling in the rear: gifts.

Do you see our dillema? We are total opposites in the way we receive love. Once we figured this out and then started to make an effort to "love on" the other the way they liked to be loved, boom, bam, schaaazam. Things started to click.

So take this quiz and figure out what you are. I'd love to know.

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Lisa said...


Thanks for visiting my blog...I don't think I've visited yours before, I would have remembered the beautiful hotair balloons.

You are beautiful and your boys are precious. We certainly live in opposite worlds with two boys vs. two girls!

I really like what I have read of your blog so far. I will mark it and be back! :)

The prayers that I am posting this month did not originate with me. I gave credit on Oct 1 when I began the 31 days.

I think it is so powerful to pray scripture and this list also helps me remember what I should be teaching my children.