Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Would've, Could've, Should've

Do you live your life with a would've, could've, should've attitude? Do you constantly think on past incidents and regret your actions?

Most of the time I don't. I am a planner. I plan everything, as much as I can. I like to be in control. There are very few instances that I have the would've, could've, should've thinking on the brain.

But yesterday, if I would have known this would happen, I could've stayed right there and directed the process, I probably should have noticed it would happen.

Only scroll down if you are brave ...

Yup that's right. POOP! ON the FLOOR! In a trail... leading to the potty. Poor kid tried to make it, how could I get mad? For my friends who are preggers or have new borns... look what you have to look forward to. For those of us with potty-training kids, ughh, I don't even know what to say. God and I are going to talk about instances like these when I see him face to face.

I know its gross, but still, it should make you think that your day is better than this right?


The Salinas Family said...

Gross! I see enough poop at my house thank you very much! :0)

Christian said...

Have you had to clean it out of the bathwater yet? I think those are the worst!