Friday, October 3, 2008

The Great En-counter

As I was feeding Bogie this morning I could hear Monkey playing with his play-doh in the kitchen. I thought to myself "Great, they're both occupied." Two minutes later Monkey walks out of the kitchen with a cookie in his hand. Huh? Its like 7am!! Okay, maybe... I don't know. Maybe I left one out or something, I remember seeing one left over in a baggie from my lunch a few days ago. No biggie.
He goes back to play at his table.
I go back to feeding Bogie.
Two minutes later, again he walks out eating another cookie. This time I ask him "Where did you get that cookie?" He responds "In the kitchen." Well, duh?? I know that.
Next minute he's back with a third cookie. Okay, this is it, I am up with Mom Radar on.
"Monkey, show me where you got the cookie from."
"Okay, Mommy."
And whaalaa...

Do you see those big drawers to the bottom left? Those horizontal handles? Well those handles apparently make a very good ladder for a pre-school climber. Great- Does BabiesRUs make a gadget to go over them? Notice how close he is to my knife set too....


The Salinas Family said...

Was he drinking the Diet Coke at 7 am too?

Heather of the EO said...

I love it that you were laid back enough to go get the camera and snap a few photos. :)
You just never know what will happen next huh? :)