Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thankful for...

My bloggy friend over at the Extraordinary Ordinary challenged us to write about things we are good at as a mom.
So here are my thoughts on thankfulness for things I think I am pretty good at:
(They are in no particular order...)

1. Wearing bandanas to Target as a pirate family.
2. The ability to draw all of the planets along with their moons.
3. Scheduling nail trimming on Sunday nights, toes first.
4. Looking my boys in thier eyes when I talk with them, they deserve that respect. (Mr. Dunbar brought this to my attention a few months ago and I have been working on this daily.)
5. Running around in the grass to play soccer, golf, baseball, football, and any other game that involves a ball.
6. Praying with my lil men daily.
7. Planning for their futures in their bank account (dollars), heaven account (prayers), and muscle mass account (semi-healthy meals.)
8. Trying to love their dad in a way that will show them what a wife truly looks like.
9. Encouraging intelligence, wit, bravery, honesty, and godliness.
10. Reading to them and striving to expand their vocabulary.

I am thankful for my boys daily. I am thankful that I get to share my life with them, and I'm thankful for someone challenging me to write these down.


Heather of the EO said...

Wow, lady. I love this list! It gave me some really good ideas, first of all. And secondly I just love all the little ways you express your love for your family. Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it!


Heather of the EO said...

Oh, and I added your post to Mr. Linky - hope that's okay! (:

Rachel Anne said...

What a great list! I love the idea of listing the things you're GOOD at...seems like it's far easier to list the failures.... :(

This made me smile: encouraging intelligence, wit, bravery, honesty, and godliness! Go, little men!