Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

I'ts just been one of those days. Not a crazy can't wait till its over day and not a so super exciting kind of day. Just another day. One more day to cross off on the calendar. Until I had a moment. I seem to be living my life by moments right now, but I digress.
Monkey went to school this morning and when I went to go pick him up I was about 10 minutes early. So I was peeking in the blinds to check on my child in his own element. The element away from Mommy. He was doing well. He said "Please" and "Thank-you" to the teacher for his playdoh, without even having to be prompted. He dropped something and got down to pick it up. He shared with his neighbor friend. And I stood there with Bogie in my arms in awe.
I was in awe because he is my Little Man. And he's growing so fast. Not so long ago, it was Monkey that would have been in my arms and Bogie would have still been a dream. But my life has expanded. My heart has grown. And before I know it Bogie will be sitting in that same chair, (with the same teacher-hopefully) and I again will be looking in through that window. And then it will be a different window, the kindergarten window and then there will be no more peeking because it would just be SO embarassing to have your mom peeking in on you. Sigh. I know my days with my Little Men are numbered. Tear. They are only so little for such a short time. Another sigh.
From the deepest spot of my being I pray that I will raise good Godly gracious MEN.
Thank you Mr. Dunbar for sacrificing so much so that I can be here for them (and YOU!)

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