Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its Mother's Week, Part One

So, I wanted to honor some of the special "mothers" in my life.

Today, my Mother-In-Love.
(She doesn't like to be in pictures so here are her hands holding Bogie.)

  • I have an absolutely fantastic mother-in-law. How could I not think so? She raised and nurtured the man of my dreams.
  • My MIL raised two boys into men, they are both awesome fathers, husbands, friends, and professionals.
  • She loves my boys to no end. On the phone this past weekend, while we were already driving to her house so she could babysit (did I mention Mr. Dunbar was on the phone, calling her to ask) her reply was, "Sure, bring them over. I always have time for my grandsons." And its true she does.
  • She takes care of the boys whenever I need to get something done without twenty extra fingers helping me.
  • She always has an encouraging word.
  • She is forever telling Mr. Dunbar and I how we "are doing it right. Living life with the right priorities.
  • She bakes me Monkey Bread for every major holiday. My favorite, favorite, favorite.
  • She is a good listener.
  • She offers advice in a kind round-about way. Sure she tells us what to do sometimes, like "don't forget to call Auntie", or "have you sent out an invitation to so-and-so", but it is always with the best intentions and I remind myself that she is Mr. Dunbar's mom, and a mother's work is never done.
  • Each time we go to her house she gets a grocery bag out and Monkey goes shopping in her cupboards. Last week we brought home a can of peaches, Triscuit, Gatorade, and apples.
  • She ends each phone call with "Love you."


Ali said...

A i don't know her but I already love her!!

jen@odbt said...

How blessed you are. It sure makes life easier when you get along with your MIL.

Cathy said...

Mine is wonderful, too! So refreshing to read your comments-your MIL is blessed to have you, too!

And yesterday's post? Wow. You've had some scares, girl! Thrilled to hear you don't have to go back for a year. Yippee!

Mrs. C... said...

I know her, and LOVE her!! You are truly blessed with a MIL like her. The best part that I like about her, is that she WANTS to be with you and the kids. You are blessed by that ~ trust me!

Ms. Tee said...

Definitely such a blessing - She sounds wonderful! :)