Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When I had this blog redone and had those handy little button things put up there on top, I figured they would help me stay on some sort of track with what to write about or post. Topics that are important to me. Home Making, Lady Proclamations (speaking my mind), Raising Men, and Great Books to read (because I hate wasting my time and money.)Somehow I keep swaying back and forth on what I post up here on this lil blog. Anyhow, one thing that is really important to both myself and Mr. Dunbar is "raising men."

I am not raising boys

I am raising men,

who will hopefully one day

be warriors for God,

leaders of homes,

gentle lovers of wives,

and men of integrity.
This morning we went to Mr. Dunbar's office for the first time. Of course I starched them up real nice, well collared shirts and nice shorts. We stopped off and bought daddy a $3 plant. Before we got off of the car I reminded Monkey about introductions, and looking people in their eyes while giving a firm handshake. Yes, I gave this chat to a 3 year old. We play almost every waking hour at home, but when it comes to business, we talk business. We practiced two firm handshakes before we got off the car and then it was show time.

Monkey impressed everyone in Mr. Dunbar's office and thrilled his us, his parents. He walked up to everyone he saw, shook their hands, looked them in the eye, told them his name, how old he was, pushed his little brother into their eyesight, told them his little brother's name and how old he was. I didn't tell him to do any of that. I was amazed, as was Mr. Dunbar.

The icing on top of this was when Mr. Dunbar's boss's boss, came out of his office a second time, and says to Monkey, "I've got a cubicle back here with your name on it. You've passed the interview and we want to hire you." Just as one of Mr.Dunbar's coworkers is saying "You can tell his dad comes from sales." Everyone laughed, Monkey beamed.

It was one of those proud parent moments. But even more so, more importantly for Monkey, he learned first hand just how important that initial meeting is. He owned the room, not just because he's a cute 3 year old, but because he was friendly, charismatic, and personable. Characteristics I hope stay with him always.
Bogie did some wow things too, gave high 5's, waved hello, and smiled when he was being introduced by his big brother. Everything we hoped he would do.

My tip today on Raising Men: Teach them how important the initial meeting is.
Eye-contact , firm handshakes, and friendliness go a long way.


Eryn said...

That is quite adorable and very mature of your boys. :]

Anonymous said...

:) Love it....

The Salinas Family said...

Great! I have to get moody one will turn his head away and Kai will try to eat anything he can reach - as long as it is food. First it was the potty and now I have to get going on introductions. I am glad you set the standard high for me....I always rise to the challenge. Often things you think about aren't the ones I do so it is great to put them back onto my view! XO

Mrs. C... said...

Preach it Sister!!! Your Men, will one day whooo a lady and melt her heart, just like they have mine. Until then, they can go to work and make some extra family cash from what I read!!! WAHOOOOO!! Child labor - child schlabor ;) An amazing book to read, Wild at Heart, and the sequel, that I can't remember the name of, but we have it!

jen@odbt said...

Great job. Your boys need to come over to teach my 8 y.o. some manners.

Cathy said...

A woman after my own heart! We try to do the same and people are always so impressed! A simple thing, when they answer the phone at home is to have them answer "hello, this NAME". You can't believe ALL the people who comment about how polite they are -- and all they're doing is saying their names! (when they were little, we didn't let them answer though :)

Cathy said...

* "hello, this is NAME" -- oops!

Tibbetts Fam said...

Awesome!!! We need more men in this world. We have more than enough boys!

sweetpralinemadness said...

Awesome post!!!

Ali said...

You are truly doing such a good job raising your boys. I hope I am as good of a mommy as you. Your boys are so polite and have so many amazing characteristics. Keep sending these ideas my way. I seem to be CLUELESS!!

patty said...

here, here!

eye-contact. put down the cell phone/gaming system/book and make eye contact. kids don't do that anymore.

great photos!

Genn said...

Sounds like you are raising very polite young boys, who will no doubt turn into polite young men. I love the chat you had with your 3year old about a firm handshake. I absolutely hate a weak handshake. I've had far too many too.

Cute post.