Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Plethora of Thanksgiving Pictures

Turkey Day has come and gone. It’s Sunday night and I’m barely looking at the pictures. So, in an effort not to forget Thanksgiving 2011. Here are a whole bunch of snapshots, sans too much commentary.

Mom put the boys to work this year cleaning chairs and tables.IMG_4700IMG_4702

Being around for over a decade has landed Mr. Dunbar in the “boys” category. IMG_4712



It was all fun until Bogie fell into the dog’s water bowl.


Go Monkey. I think that coloring may win you a prize. IMG_4706IMG_4709


Baby’s First Thanksgiving. Awe, sweet.IMG_4756

Okay, picture opportunity is over. Check out Chunk’s face.  Popeye? Baby? Chunk?  His nickname hasn’t been completely settled. His adversity towards the camera has.


These two buddied up for some hide and seek.


Usually these two are screaming in each other’s faces. IMG_4808

Dodge ball… the dad’s were having a blast.  IMG_4810

From this…………………………………………….. to this.


Wish I could have napped, too.

Hope your Turkey Day was just as fun.

~mrs. dunbar


Janna said...

I didn't get any photos of people, just the food - I'm so lame with the camera sometimes.

Lori said...

looks like a fun family get together. always the best part of the holiday

SZM said...

I love the face on chunk!!

Jensamom23 said...

What a cute chunk!

Sarah said...

haha, love the frown on the little man! Arn't you thankful for fun times! xxx

Nicolle said...

Love Popeye's frowny face! Looks like a ton of fun. Wish I was little again and could ride around in a big yellow Tonka dumptruck. :)

{cindy} said...

I so wish i had taken more pictures this year!! :) What a cute picture of your little guy.
have a happy day

Genn said...

You got some great pictures as always.
Your family seems to have so much fun together.
Love that last pic of your sleeping babe.
Wish I got a nap too. ;)

Mrs. C... said...

Your Mom (and Dad in his cool shades) must have been in Grandma heaven!!1 What a delight to be there with the family. As for nicknames - Popeye doesn't seem to fit as much...Little Chunk? Bub? Little Man?? I got all day now to think this over. Will have an answer for you before you come for coffee with the little guy! Mwah