Monday, January 19, 2009


These boys are true comrads. I hope this is always so.

How close are you with your siblings?


spatzfamily said...

Your boys are so cute!!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

They are precious! My first 2 girls were 18 months apart and then 3 years later we had # 3. :)

Carolyn G said...

Such cute babies. I am actually very very close to my sister.

I wanted to answer your post on my blog about the aprons but I couldn't write you back because I didn't have your email.

I buy them on esty or ebay or local shops where I live. I also love going to antique shops. I recently won one of those great Carolyn's Aprons that people give away. It's so darling.

My email is giantspeedy (at) yahoo (dot) com if you want more info.

Christy Wong said...

These pictures are so adorable! My older boys are very close like this. I think this most frustrating thing is that you will catch them in cute moments like this and then two minutes later they will be fighting. Oh well! Take these beautiful moments when you can.

I'm adding you to my blog roll!