Monday, January 26, 2009

I cried

I was going to post this last week and never got around to typing out all of my thoughts...
working two days, really throws a wrench in my schedule now. But working last week, didn't keep me from tears. And let me just preface, that I am not a crier. I'm just not.
So here was my week, starting from last weekend... at a beautiful memorial service.

(This is Nolan, Mark's son. Please continue to pray for him as he realizes that his dad is in Heaven.)

Angie, his wife, wrote a beautiful blog post here.

Saturday- My mom and I went to Mark Lamberth's Memorial Service. The slideshow and the music, I think, captured the man that Mark was. And even though we were not friends, merely the slightest of acquaintenances, my heart still hurts for Angie and Nolan, my heart is broken for them. I don't know what she is going through, I can't fathom how she picks herself up each day. I know she does it for her son. I know she knows God is with her. But Angie, has a hard road ahead of her. For us, the saga is over, Mark is with the Lord, but for Angie, her saga continues each minute of every day. Please pray for them and if you can, they have a fund set up for the Lamberth's.

Who remember President Bush's face when they told him of the attacks on 9/11?

Tuesday- Well that was a day of American History. I'm not sure why I cried. I can tell you it was not why a lot of others were crying. When President Bush waved his last wave and headed into the helicopter, I knew that a chapter of American history was closed and a new one has been opened. I'm not sure I agree with our new President on many facets, actually I can say, I DO NOT agree with him. But I am remaining hopeful. And I am remaining prayerful, because this president will need all of our prayers. My tears were not tears of joy, nor were they tears of resentment, but tears for the unknown.

Wednesday- I cried because I was coming home and I saw six people with signs at street corners. I don't know why I counted them that day, I just did. The last man I saw, couldn't even hold his sign he was shaking so much, I thought it was terrettes. Someone else I spoke with said he probably had Parkinson's. He was wearing a Dodgers jacket. It made me cry. What happened in these people's lives that would make them resort to sitting on the corner holding a sign with no place else to go? Where had they gone wrong? (And where had their parents gone wrong?) And how can we just look the other way? Don't get me wrong, I do it too.
May be I'm just horomonal. May be God is trying to get my attention for something. Stress was getting to me, but today, I got an answer to prayer. Peace is a stage I'm entering. Understanding and wisdom is what I want. And tears, remind me that I am human, that my heart has grown since I've become a mom, and that Jesus shed tears over me.


jen@odbt said...

Beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

"Tears are words the heart can't express." (author unknown)

Beautiful and heartfelt post--thank you.

I think Jesus tenders our hearts to see, feel, experience things/people/events in deeper ways. Does that make sense? The closer I walk with Him, I find the closer to tears I am at odd times (and vice versa--when I'm "too busy"--I'm more jaded). I, too, got teary watching President Bush. All our leaders are mere mortals who make mistakes, but he kept us SAFE all these years. I am so thankful for his service to our country and his protection of us all.

Holly said...

So much hardship in the's easy to feel weighed down from time to time.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.