Monday, January 12, 2009

Just like any other day...

this is not. Today is Mr. Dunbar's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Honey.
I love you.
This picture is of Mr. Dunbar, Monkey, and in the background is Mr. Dunbar's brother and his daughter. (Both of which are great dads.)
This is Mr. Dunbar in his element... outside, with his son, in his flips and a t-shirt.

Can anyone guess where we are headed tonight to celebrate?


Shannon said...

Aww! Cute pic! Tell him "Happy Birthday from Blogland!" :)

Ali said...

Have fun whatever you do!! Happy Birthday Mr. Dunbar :-)

Anonymous said...

Tonight? I thought this was a G rated blog! He He

Mrs. C... said...

If it was Mr Dunbar's birthday, I know exactly how he would want to celebrate!!!! Hope you had fun!!!