Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wonder Food

Photo from flickr: terri_tu

Mr. Dunbar and I had this conversation a few days ago about how broccoli is a wonder food. If you eat it consistently you will just feel better. As is the case with most dark green veggies, but most especially broccoli. So I was feeling energized to start eating broccoli or something green, but I was totally going to try to remember to eat broccoli.

My lunch yesterday:
tortilla chips and Valentines Day heart candies, specifically the green ones.

I don't think I hit the mark exactly.


Anonymous said...

I love Broccoli :) But I don't think your lunch counts as healthy! HA HA :)

Anonymous said...

I was just starting to feel guilty and then you made my day :)

jen@odbt said...

I love broccoli but I don't think it's a wonder food when it's dipped in ranch dressing. The heart candies and chips are probably better.

PS: I got the Starbucks giftcard over the weekend. Thanks again. I'm excited to get a latte.