Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tagged X 4

I was tagged by my friend Casey.
Here's the deal:
Pick the fourth photo from the
fourth folder in your computer.
Post it and tag four other people.

This is mine.

Monkey got into the food coloring. This picture really doesn't do him justice... it was EVERYWHERE. His hands, his mouth, his hair, his legs, my floor. We were calling him the "Blue Man" for a while.
Ahh.. the joy's of parenting boys.

I tag Christian, Lisa, Lisa B. and Jamie.


Anonymous said...

I remember that day!!! Oh how he has grown!! Weren't we on the phone when this happened or was that the paint?? Oh, Monkey!! E

Christian said...

Is that Christian me or someone else?

BTW--I liked them both for different reasons, just depends on your mood. Helpful, right?

Christian said...

How do you "unstain" your toddler of food coloring anyway?

Lisa said...

I did see this tag earlier...looks like fun! Thanks for thinking of me and I'll get to it soon!