Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Injuries put things on hold

I slammed my thumb in the car door jam. Jeeeez!! I thought I was going to throw-up it hurt so bad.
So my project is on hold.

I've been looking at this blank canvas for two days now.

Any ideas on what I should hang on here?


Anonymous said...

That is the worst! I don't have your number either...HA Ha. Mine is 785-0958 :)

The Salinas Family said...

Is this a door? Are you going to hand it on your wall? Julie does stuff like that! I would take family photos and enlarge and shrink them to kind of collage them into the panels. Ask Julie.....she is amazing!

PS. We had a GREAT time at Disney. Sorry you missed it.

Cathy said...

Sorry for you ow-ee. Door looks stunning, as is. (Hobby Lobby has great knobs if you want to fill the hole.) If you want to fill, an old, weathered sign right in the middle would be gorgeous...I sometimes put old family photos (of the ancestors) on my door with poster tack...A big wreath...A big, framed picture right in the middle! Oh the possibilities--it looks great--good job, Mr. Dunbar!

Lisa B. said...

Where's it going to go?